Syed Haris Shah

Syed Haris Shah is a pupil of peace and conflict studies at National Defence University, Islamabad.

Examining the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics in Ukraine’s Donbas Region

Written by Syed Haris Shah Khushbakht Ayesha 11:47 am

In 2014, separatist groups backed by Russia declared the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine “republics.” Since then, they’ve been accused of committing war crimes and assisting Russia in its attacks on Ukraine. The authors, Syed Haris Shah and Khushbakht Ayesha, analyze the pro-Russian ideology of the leadership of these two self-proclaimed republics in Ukraine’s Donbas region and their role in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.
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How Modi’s Neutrality Could Affect India-Russia & India-Ukraine Relations

Written by Syed Haris Shah Muhammad Shahkar Ijaz Khan 11:49 am

India has strong diplomatic, economic, and military ties with Russia and Ukraine. Keeping this in mind, Syed Haris Shah and M. Shahkar Ijaz Khan explain the cause of India’s neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine war. They argue that the impartiality of New Delhi has both opportunities and challenges for the republic in the future. Moreover, if India openly condemns the Russian aggression in Ukraine, India-Russia relations will suffer a huge blow.
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The Thriving Esports Industry of Pakistan

Written by Syed Haris Shah 2:40 pm

The esports industry in Pakistan has the potential of becoming a success story as both domestic and international companies have been investing in the gaming ecosystem. Being home to leading gamers and players of e-sports, the author, Syed Haris Shah, opines that Pakistan’s commitment to the esports industry would soon bear fruit by creating multiple job opportunities for the youth.
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Addition of J-10C Fighter Jets in Pakistan Air Force

Written by Syed Haris Shah 12:30 pm

The signs of China and Pakistan’s defense and military cooperation has strengthened after the induction of the multi-role fighter aircraft by the Pakistan Air Force. The author, Syed Haris Shah, believes that the introduction of the J-10C aircraft made by one of China’s leading military and aviation companies, the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, is an important measure taken by Pakistan’s security and political leadership to deal with potential security threats to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
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The Great Gamble: The Soviet War in Afghanistan (Book Review)

Written by Syed Haris Shah 12:04 pm

“The Great Gamble: The Soviet War in Afghanistan” provides an overview of the Soviet Union’s direct and indirect involvement in Afghanistan. Gregory Feifer, the author of the book, traces the events that led to the Soviet invasion in 1979 and analyzes the war itself. In doing so, he aptly explains the role of Pakistan in bringing the Soviet war to an end, and how the US’ uncalculated actions in Afghanistan led to intensifying extremism and terrorism.
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A Biography of Eqbal Ahmad: Remembering the Progressive Intellectual and Peace Advocate of Pakistan

Written by Syed Haris Shah 12:19 pm

The author, Syed Haris Shah, details the life of Eqbal Ahmad, an admirable intellectual who was even once arrested because of his anti-war stance. He dreamed of establishing an institute that would meld Islamic education with Western education. His writings are a remarkable contribution to the fields of peace studies, international relations, history, Islam, and political science.
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Pakistan & Uzbekistan: Celebrating 30 Years of Bilateral Cooperation

Written by Syed Haris Shah 5:50 pm

President Shavkar Mirziyoyev’s two-day state visit to Pakistan marked the 30 years of diplomatic ties between Uzbekistan and Pakistan. The delegations deliberated over matters of regional and bilateral significance. The author, Syed Haris Shah, notes that this visit is immensely important for Pakistan to cultivate better economic and political relationships with the Central Asian Republics (CARs).
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Decoding the Bias & Double Standards of Western Media over the Ukraine Crisis

Written by Syed Haris Shah 12:30 pm

The international media groups have been focusing on the Russian invasion of Ukraine very closely. Claiming the people of the West as more “civilized” than those in Africa and the Middle East, there is no doubt that leading media groups have a prejudiced mindset. The author, Syed Haris Shah, believes that the Orientalist aspect is still present in the media and within the intellectual circles of the West. The coverage of the Ukrainian crisis exhibits an elitist-inclined narrative that disregards the similar woes of those in the East and South.
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The KPK Police & Its Unsung Martyrs

Written by Syed Haris Shah 11:47 am

For years, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Police has remained the target of militant violence, targeted killings, suicide attacks, ambushes, and kidnappings by terrorist organizations like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). In the last two decades, more than 1,500 officers of the KPK Police have embraced martyrdom in the fight against terrorism in Pakistan. Among these martyrs are AIG Safwat Ghayur, SP Tahir Dawar, DIG Malik Saad, DSP Farid Hussain Bangash, and AIG Muhammad Ashraf Noor. Knowing the risks and challenges involved in this battle, the unsung heroes of the KPK Police have valiantly served their nation and sacrificed their lives.
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Joint Naval Exercise CHIRU-2Q22 in the Indian Ocean: Indication of an Eastern Axis?

Written by Syed Haris Shah 1:09 pm

The author, Syed Haris Shah, explains the reality from the perspectives of China, Iran, and Russia. Already a part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), these three Eastern states have been repeatedly partnering in joint naval exercises to maintain maritime security in their waters against the United States.
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Father of the SSG of Pakistan: Honoring Maj Gen A.O. Mitha

Written by Syed Haris Shah 11:49 am

Born in 1923, Maj Gen Aboobaker Osman Mitha made vast contributions to the Pakistan Army. The formation of the Special Services Group (SSG) was also a part of his relentless service to the state’s army. The author, Syed Haris Shah, states that today, Pakistan’s SSG is one of the most important military units of its army, working in both conventional and unconventional environments. Yet, Major General Mitha, the father of this elite unit, remains one of the forgotten heroes of Pakistan.
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