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Addition of J-10C Fighter Jets in Pakistan Air Force

The signs of China and Pakistan’s defense and military cooperation has strengthened after the induction of the multi-role fighter aircraft by the Pakistan Air Force. The author, Syed Haris Shah, believes that the introduction of the J-10C aircraft made by one of China’s leading military and aviation companies, the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, is an important measure taken by Pakistan’s security and political leadership to deal with potential security threats to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
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Syed Haris Shah is a pupil of peace and conflict studies at National Defence University, Islamabad.

J-10C in Pakistan

It was confirmed in January that J-10C fighter jets would be commissioned by the Air Force of Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the induction ceremony of J-10C fighter aircraft along with China’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Chiefs of All Armed Services, and a few Federal Ministers at Minhas Air Base, Kamra on March 11, 2022.

Features of the Vigorous Dragon

The fighter jets that are inducted by Pakistan Air Force are manufactured by “Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group” in the People’s Republic of China, which have already produced numerous fighter jets for China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force (PLANAF). Chengdu J-10C is a successor variant of J10-B fighter jets produced by China.

J-10 fighter jet
File:Chengdu J-10.svg” by Kaboldy is marked with CC BY-SA 3.0.

Chengdu J-10C fighter jet is produced for the purpose of air-to-air combat as well as for the performance of strike missions against the enemy’s land targets. The fighter jet is also called the “Vigorous Dragon,” and is considered the best replacement for J-7 and Q-5 fighter jets.

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The program for its production had been in operation since the 2000s, and J-10’s first variant test flight was conducted in 2003. The J-10B version of this plane was introduced in 2016, while the J-10C was officially introduced by the Chinese PLA Air Force in 2018.

The design of J-10C is formed in a triangular shape or tailless delta wing with sweptback vertical tail and foreplanes. It also consists of canted ventral fins situated near its tail. It is said that the aircraft consists of 11 external hardpoints along with outer wing stations to carry air-to-air missiles. These missiles are China’s produced Python-3 or the Vympel R-73 also known as AA-11 Archer and R-77.

The plane is also armed with advanced C-801K powerful solid rocket missiles and C-802 turbojet anti-ship and land-attack missiles that are manufactured by CHETA military industries. A 23mm cannon is also installed inside all the variants of J-10C fighter jets. The landing gear of J10-C consists of tricycle-type landing systems with the nose unit having twin heels that retract rearwards and forwards.

J-10C Fighter for Regional Security

In February 2022, it was reported that China would be providing Pakistan with 25 J-10C fighter jets. There was a lauding of this step by differing social media activists and defense analysts. Chinese analysts also supported the provision of these planes to Pakistan by pointing out the addition of these aircraft as constructive for the defense cooperation between Beijing and Islamabad.

Pakistan’s procurement of the J-10C is also meaningful for China and Pakistan as a more powerful Pakistan military can better safeguard the shared interests of the two countries in the region”. Pakistan is said to be adding the multi-role J-10C fighter jets as a demand to deter the potential threats to its sovereignty.

There is no truth hidden in this point that induction of these fighter jets is important for Pakistan to counter the acquisition of French-made Rafale jets by the Republic of India. The induction of J-10C seems to have balanced the potential security threats that are existing in the region.

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As per the source of the Pakistan Air Force, it is added that J-10C fighter jets will be deployed with the No.15 squadron or the Cobras. The fighter jets will also be displayed today in the annual military parade of Pakistan Day.

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