Zunaira Malik

Ms Zunaira Malik is studying international relations at Kinnaird College for Women University Lahore.

Interregionalism in EU-African Relations

Written by Zunaira Malik 12:16 pm

The partnership theme in the EU-Africa co-operation seems to be based on mutual respect and a commitment to the SDGs. However, Zunaira Malik notes that the relationship is peculiarly asymmetrical, by virtue of the EU’s overwhelming dominance in global economics and politics.
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China’s Investment in Africa: A Tale of Economic Diplomacy?

Written by Zunaira Malik 11:55 am

China’s use of soft power in its relations with the international community has given it an edge over the US. In Africa, China has used different forms of economic diplomacy to strengthen its ties with the regional states. Zunaira Malik notes that while China’s investment in Africa has been widely criticized by the West and even labeled as a manifestation of Chinese colonialism, the China-Africa relations are mutually beneficial for the parties involved.
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The Ecofeminist Movement

Written by Zunaira Malik 1:09 pm

Ecofeminism is an inter-disciplinary branch of environmentalism and feminism. It is an umbrella term that ties up climate catastrophe with socially constructed gender disparities. The central notion of ecofeminism is the belief that footprints of male-dominated malpractices are visible in the form of irreversible climate problems. Zunaira Malik believes that ecofeminism is a critical approach to racial and gender segregation, dualism, imperialism and classist attitudes – with an ultimate commitment to establishing egalitarian societies.
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New World Order: The Rise of Far-Right Populism

Written by Zunaira Malik 12:23 pm

A sudden surge in the right-wing political groups centered around white supremacist ideologies, is leading to democracy being undermined all over the world. Zunaira Malik observes the veiled origins and the swift rise of these groups, and the myriad of themes within far-right politics.
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