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The Law Admission Test (LAT) in Pakistan

Are you planning to pursue an undergraduate degree in law in Pakistan? The Law Admission Test (LAT) is the first step towards becoming a lawyer in Pakistan. Get all the information you need to ace the test and secure your admission at a law university with this guide.
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Mr Ali Muhammad Khan is currently studying law at Punjab University Lahore.


On August 31st, 2018, the Supreme Court of Pakistan made the Law Admission Test (LAT) mandatory for admission to a five-year undergraduate LLB degree programme. In compliance with the order, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) conducts LAT thrice every year.

As far as the eligibility is concerned, candidates who have either passed intermediate or awaiting results can apply. As the test is meant to assess the students of intermediate students, it is not too difficult, with the minimum marks set to pass the exam being 50.

The 100 marks test is split into two parts: the objective part and the subjective part. In the objective part of the LAT test, you’ll find 75 MCQS, each carrying one mark, and this portion is further subdivided into English, General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, Urdu, and Mathematics.

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In the subjective portion, you will be required to write an essay and a personal statement. It’s worth mentioning here that the syllabus of the test was also set by the Supreme Court in its order. Now that the syllabus has been described, let’s dive into each subject.

English Essay

In this portion, you will be expected to write a short essay out of the three given essays. It carries 15 marks, and the essay, as per the analysis of past papers, is mostly based on the theme of education.

Personal Statement

You will be asked to give a personal opinion on any given topic. Remember to keep it short but clear.


You’ll find 20 MCQs in this portion. It contains a total of 10 questions on synonyms and antonyms and ten others on prepositions and subject-verb agreement. I recommend working on the basic grammar rules and learning some basic vocabulary.

General Knowledge

You’ll have 20 MCQs in this portion too with questions about a country’s capital and currency, world organisations, general science, sports, famous personalities, basic geography, etcetera.

Pakistan Studies

It contains 10 MCQs from 1857 to the present. Your basic knowledge about  Pakistan like its national animal (answer: Markhor) will be tested. For its preparation, a web series by ISPR namely “Story of Pakistan” is recommended. 


The 10 questions are always from the five pillars of Islam and basic knowledge about the Quran, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), and the four caliphs.


The 10 MCQs are questions about vocabulary. If you have studied the Urdu of matric and intermediate, it won’t be difficult.


This part just has 5 MCQs, with them mostly being basic arithmetic problems.

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