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Imran Khan—Challenger of the Status Quo

Written by Mir Adnan Aziz 7:12 pm

Former leaders took advantage of the inchoate state, and marred Pakistan by insulating themselves. Mir Adnan Aziz considers Imran Khan’s political existence, and PTI’s unswerving influence the perfect opportunity for the citizens to resolve the pitiful state of the country themselves.
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Are Digital Currencies & China’s Yuan Causing the US Dollar to Decline?

Written by Liza Wasique 11:51 am

Since the Bretton Woods system was first introduced, the US dollar has established itself as the world’s largest reserve currency. However, with the increasing popularity of non-traditional currencies, questions have arisen about the possible decline of the dollar’s dominance. Liza Wasique attempts to answer these questions while acknowledging the declining trust in the US currency, and the competition between the dollar and China’s yuan.
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Media Bias Against the Palestinian Issue

Written by Hamra Tariq 11:57 am

The power dynamics between states are often apparent in the dissemination of information. As such, Western hegemonic discourse tends to prevail over weaker counter-narratives. Hamra Tariq analyzes the case of the Israel-Palestine conflict to showcase the US and Western media’s bias towards Israel. She argues that this media bias has spread misinformation and shaped public opinion in the favor of Israel – a Western ally – disregarding the ground reality.
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Lords of Misrule

Written by Mir Adnan Aziz 7:04 pm

Mir Adnan Aziz discusses the blatant disregard for disaster management by the former and current governments in Pakistan. He stresses that the innumerable casualties and massive destruction caused by the recent natural disasters were certainly preventable. This gross negligence by the lords of misrule has left the people of Pakistan walking on a tightrope.
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A Cyclical Disaster: The 2022 Floods of Pakistan

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 12:31 pm

Having experienced severe political and climatic storms this year, Sarmad Ishfaq laments the difficult times ahead for Pakistan. These devastating floods are putting the economy under even more pressure. There is a strong possibility that food costs and unemployment will now surge to record highs.
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The Role of Local Governments in Development

Written by Adnan Rafique 12:12 pm

Seeing the pitiful state of development in Pakistan, Adnan Rafique pitches for robust local governments in the country. He believes that a bottom-up approach must be implemented in true letter and spirit, for people to attain maximum health and security. He considers the reasons for the lagging local governments to be the non-observance of Article 140A, inadequate zoning laws, and the unsatisfactory tax collection system – among others.
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The Youth’s New Role in Pakistan’s Politics

Written by Shuraim Ahmad Malik 7:03 pm

Do the youth now have political clout in Pakistan? If the results of the 2018 general elections are anything to go by, then absolutely. Shuraim Ahmad Malik sees the youth making strong headway in the political arena, which has long been controlled by dynastic politicians. It now seems that the political party that inspires the youth will be the one to stand victorious in the upcoming 2023 general elections in Pakistan.
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Turkey’s Opposition to NATO Expansion & the Madrid Summit

Written by Tiejun Huаng 11:55 am

Ever since the Madrid Summit recognized Turkey for its role in NATO and lifted the arms embargo on it, Ankara has sought to redefine its foreign relations. While Turkey is seeking an arms deal with the US, its decision to oppose Finland and Sweden is a clear indication of Erdogan’s uncompromising attitude towards his goals. Tiejun Huаng addresses the cause of Turkey’s opposition to Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership. The author explains that the Scandinavian states have utilized vague wording and lack of proper implementation procedures in the 2022 Madrid Summit agreement to avoid extraditing Kurdish militants to Turkey.
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Bringing Stability to the Pakistani Rupee

Written by Myra Imran Rafiq 11:47 am

This opinion-based article by Myra Imran Rafiq discusses the rupee’s stabilization against the dollar. She highlights the measures (i.e supporting startups, diversified alliances, currency swap agreements, and the maintenance of political consensus) that can be taken by the state to ensure that the rupee doesn’t end up devaluing later.
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Why Flooding in Balochistan Is a Climate & National Security Issue

Written by Hafiz Bilal Waseem Satti 11:47 am

Hafiz Bilal Waseem Satti links the flooding in Balochistan to the national security of Pakistan, calling it a “threat multiplier.” He argues that the floods in the province, on top of the political and economic turmoil, have aggravated the grievances held by the Baloch community. He asserts that the government has done nothing to improve Balochistan’s condition and that the floods will impact the country’s economy.
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Girls’ Education under Taliban

Written by Shuraim Ahmad Malik 6:38 pm

In this opinion piece, Shuraim Ahmad Malik stresses the need for girls’ education in Afghanistan. He discusses the reasons that have led to Afghan girls and women being deprived of this fundamental right, before concluding with possible solutions that the Taliban and the international community can take.
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