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Paradigm Shift’s Magazine: December 2023 Edition

The December 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine contains 12 handpicked pieces. The last edition of 2023 covers everything important that has happened in the last year. From Israel’s war on Gaza to the military coups in Africa, 2023 has been characterised by instability and genocides.
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The December 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine is out!

The magazine does not intend to follow a determined theme but rather features a curated list of pieces that center around the latest news and developments in Pakistan and abroad.

The last edition of 2023 has articles on the evolution of Mussolini’s political orientation, the effect of AI on jobs, and the sluggish pace of CPEC. One of our articles discusses the history and recent wave of military coups in the African continent. We also have an article on the cyber aspect of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Submissions 2023

Our op-eds bring your attention to the Balochistan issue, the concept of sovereignty, a take on Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘The White Man’s Burden’, and the US support for Israel.

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