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Street Child Football World Cup: Pakistan Secures 2nd Place

Ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Street Child Football World Cup took place from the 7th to the 15th of October in Qatar. The team from Pakistan assiduously reached the finals against Egypt, coming in 2nd place.
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Street Child United, a non-profit group, arranged the Street Child Football World Cup from 7th to 15th October 2022 in Qatar. From across the world, about 26 teams participated in this tournament. Pakistan previously participated in this event in 2014 and secured third place at the time.

This year, Pakistan had a very suspenseful match with Tanzania in the quarter-finals and qualified for the semi-finals with just a slight edge pass of 2:1. In the semi-finals, Pakistan faced Brazil in order to qualify for finals.

After a tough match, Pakistan was able to beat Brazil with a goal ratio of 3:1, qualifying for the finals. In the final match, teams from Egypt and Pakistan were against each other, with Egypt winning the final match with a score of 4:3. Pakistan received a silver medal in this year’s Street Child Football World Cup.

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This, by far, has been the highest position that Pakistan has ever acquired in this tremendous tournament. This mega event was fruitful in giving the talented players recognition that they deserved. Many of the players belonged to very humble backgrounds, proving Pakistan to be full of talented young individuals from all walks of life.

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