Tag: Erdogan

Eurasianism vs. Neo-Ottomanism in the Turkish Foreign Policy

Written by Necati Demircan 10:47 am

Turkey, formerly the Ottoman Empire, is said to have a foreign policy dictated by neo-Ottomanism, mainly by those who support the West. The author argues that neo-Ottomanism is incompatible with Turkey’s current foreign policies, and instead cites Eurasianism as the idea behind Turkey’s foreign policies.
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The Rise of Populism in the World

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:46 am

The rise of populism is to be expected in recent times of disintegration and economic disparity. Populists sit behind a veil of democracy, running the state on anti-liberal values.
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Saudi Arabia and Turkey: A Deteriorating Relationship

Written by Henri Kouam 6:29 pm

Both nation states are in the way of each other’s objectives, prompting both Saudi Arabia and Turkey to maneuver astutely and find their trump cards.
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