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Key Takeaways from the G20 Delhi Declaration

Written by Yashfa Ahsan 8:28 pm

Held this year in Delhi, the G20 summit holds economic and political significance in reshaping the world order. The summit saw an expansion of the African Union. However, both China and Russia did not participate in the summit. It also saw India and the US seizing an opportunity to lay down the conceptual underpinnings of what might be an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative: a new economic corridor.
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China’s Influence in the Middle East Surges

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 9:43 pm

China has seized the opportunity to assert its presence in the Middle East to reshape the regional dynamics amidst a shift in the United States’ policy focus from the Middle East to the Indo-Pacific region under the Biden administration. Recent events like the Saudi-Iran agreement and the admission of some Middle Eastern nations in the BRICS bloc demonstrate China’s varied interests in the region, which range from conventional energy requirements to economic and geopolitical worries.
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BRICS’ New Members: Changing Tides & the Impact on the US

Written by Aqsa Shaukat 7:49 pm

BRICS, a group comprising the world’s strongest economies, has been overlooked in the past. However, today, it has emerged on the global political stage as a formidable force. Aqsa Shaukat assesses the changing dynamics of BRICS to determine whether it will pose a threat to the established Western political order. From introducing its own currency to welcoming new members, the group is now on its way to achieving independence from Western influence.
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Why is Russia Rolling Out Islamic Banking?

Written by Fizza Batool 7:30 pm

It was certainly a surprise when the Russian parliament’s lower chamber approved the bill allowing the introduction of the Islamic banking system. The trial will start on 1st September and last for two years, but with the possibility of an extension depending on the results. Russia’s engagement in developing Islamic banks is a sign of its ambitions to seize new economic possibilities and improve connections with nations with a Muslim majority.
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BRICS Currency: Reshaping Global Economics

Written by Sibra Waseem 7:36 pm

Sibra Waseem asserts that the US interest rate rise, monetary policy, and geopolitical tensions on global trade prices have fed the move for a BRICS currency. Where approximately 88% of worldwide commerce is currently handled in US dollars and accounts for 58% of global foreign exchange reserves, the BRICS currency would certainly shift the tides of geoeconomics. She, however, notes that the possibility of a BRICS currrency is marred by tensions between states comprising the powerful bloc.
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Reclaiming Glory: Türkiye’s Rise Under Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Written by Sibra Waseem 7:51 pm

Türkiye has been on a mission to reclaim its previous glory under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan’s unwavering support for international Muslims, as well as his criticism of US policies, have thrust him into the center of international discourse. Despite the polarized public opinion, Türkiye has improved its military capabilities and emerged as a significant player in the weapons market, contributing to its growing global dominance. Much to the chagrin of the United States, it has formed strategic relationships with countries such as Russia and China, diversifying its alliances and impacting regional dynamics.
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Inside the Russian Wagner Group: Understanding its Role in Modern Warfare

Written by Noor Ul Huda Hijab Naeem 7:52 pm

In the shadowy world of private military companies, one name has recently dominated headlines: the Russian Wagner Group. Known for its covert operations and alleged ties to the Russian government, the Wagner Group has long been a subject of intrigue and speculation. The group has been accused of interfering in the affairs of Middle Eastern and African states at the behest of Russia. Its amplifying notoriety comes from its not-so-covert involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war. However, in a dramatic turn of events, reports emerged in June 2023 of the private military company’s (PMC) leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and a group of Wagner mercenaries revolting against Moscow, revealing what some say are cracks in Putin’s power.
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Unveiling the Legacy: How Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaped Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

Written by Fatimah Naeem 7:52 pm

Fatimah Naeem delves into the tumultuous era of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s leadership in Pakistan and the profound impact it had on the country’s foreign policy. With a vision of assertive diplomacy, Bhutto navigated a complex geopolitical landscape, facing both formidable challenges and remarkable triumphs. From his ambitious pursuit of nuclear capability to the redefinition of Pakistan’s role in the Muslim World, the author explores the changes in Pakistan’s relations with its neighbors and the US.
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Assessing the Implications of Pakistan-Russia Cooperation for India

Written by Ayesha Javaid 6:08 pm

Pakistan and Russia have had a long and complicated history, with relations only recently starting to warm up. But what impact will this newfound friendship have on India’s relationship with Russia? As two of the world’s largest countries, Russia and India have maintained a strategic partnership for decades, working together on everything from military defense to space exploration. But with Pakistan now cozying up to Russia, could this threaten India’s standing as Russia’s top ally in the region? Ayesha Javaid contemplates the answer to this complex question by considering the different factors at play, including historical ties, geopolitical tensions, and economic interests.
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The Arctic Region: A New Frontier for Geostrategic Competition

Written by Fizza Batool 7:38 pm

The Arctic region is witnessing a surge in geostrategic competition. It has attracted the attention of several key players, each with their own interests and motivations. Russia, for example, sees the Arctic as a strategic area for resource extraction and military dominance. Meanwhile, the United States is concerned about maintaining its influence in the region in the midst of China’s increasing economic and strategic involvement. The competing interests of these nations are shaping the geostrategic competition in the Arctic and have the potential to impact global dynamics.
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The World’s Power Distribution from Pax Americana to Asianization: A New Geopolitical Landscape

Written by Maria Mansab 8:32 pm

A multipolar world could hardly be considered elusive, given the intensity of the geopolitical currents. And while the US is still standing tall, for how long will it be able to do so with China taking the lead in global affairs? The US would eventually be forced to take extreme action or risk losing its status as a global power and becoming irrelevant as the world moves to multipolarity.
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The China-Central Asia Summit: A Signifier of Russia’s Declining Influence?

Written by Aamir Junaid 8:45 pm

The first China-Central Asia Summit, hosted in Xi’an, has revealed a new regional dynamic in Central Asia. Aamir Junaid describes China’s strategic positioning in Central Asia amidst the declining influence of Russia in the region. While Russia’s credibility as a security provider has waned due to the war in Ukraine, China has emerged as a reliable security partner for the former Soviet Republics. Despite the economic challenges and Sinophobia in the region, the Xi’an Summit has provided insights into China’s quest to become the preferred partner for Central Asia.
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Why is Bakhmut Important in the Russia-Ukraine War?

Written by Ayesha Javaid 8:33 pm

Ayesha Javaid discusses why Bakhmut is important for both Russia and Ukraine, and what would happen if it were to fall. For Ukraine, the city is a symbol of its struggle and resistance against the Russian forces. On the other hand, Russia seeks Bakhmut to gain control over the entire eastern Donbas territory and ultimately the liberation of the “Donetsk People’s Republic”. As she describes the recent developments in the ongoing war for Bakhmut, she concludes that in the coming weeks, the city might completely slip through Russia’s fingers.
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Implications of Russia Stationing Nuclear Weapons in Belarus

Written by Ayesha Javaid 3:47 pm

President Vladimir Putin declared on March 25 that nuclear weapons along with a missile system for carrying them would be stationed in Belarus. The stationing of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus would have profound effects on regional and international security, potentially leading to heightened tensions and diplomatic repercussions.
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Waning US Hegemony, De-Dollarization, & the Incoming War with China

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 9:23 pm

With the US’s foreign policy failures, its domestic rifts, and the China-led de-dollarization initiative, the current global landscape finds itself in a state of upheaval. Sarmad Ishfaq explains that the steady decline of the US’s hegemony and the simultaneous rise of China will lead to an imminent conflict between the two, resulting in the US’s demise and the birth of a new world order.
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The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century

Written by Muhammad Shehryar 9:01 pm

Published in 2009, “The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century”, by George Friedman offers a long-term projection for the world in the current century. These projections are based on historical trends and geopolitical analysis. The book is a forecast for the 21st century, and a thought-provoking examination of the current geopolitical environment. The author makes the bold claim that while the two devastating world wars characterized the 20th century, a new set of opportunities and challenges will define the current one.
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Are China and Russia Replacing the US in the Middle East?

Written by Sana Azhar 8:48 pm

China and Russia are making strategic and economic deals with the Middle East, especially Iran and Saudi Arabia, which will be detrimental to the domination of the US in the region.  Moreover, Western hostility has brought China, Russia, and Iran close to forming a triple axis.  To better understand China and Russia’s increasing relations in the Middle East, Sana Azhar explores the economic, strategic, and soft power domains.
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