2022 afl asian championships

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Pakistan’s Triumph at the 2022 AFL Asian Championships

Pakistan’s recent victory in the men’s 3rd division of the 2022 AFL Asian Championships has brought much praise and expectations. Pakistan Markhors became the 3rd division champions after beating the Laos Elephants.
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Australian Football League (AFL) Asia is an indicative body that represents Australian football in the Asian continent, where it supports almost 20 countries of the continent to help the game grow, with the broader purpose of exporting heritage internationally. The 2022 AFL Asian Championships were held in Bangkok in October.

Before 2022, Pakistan participated in the AFL Asian Championships in 2014 which was held in Melbourne. That year, almost 17 countries participated. Astonishingly, this year on October 22, Pakistan achieved an amazing triumph in division three grand finales, under the guidance of Coach Michael Gallus. Gallus spent three weeks in Pakistan to recruit players for the 2022 AFL Asian Championships.

Gallus’ association with Pakistani football began in 2017 when he coached Pakistan’s women’s side at a 2017 tournament in Australia. Pakistan managed to score 7 goals in 10 minutes of action during the second half, achieving victory. This triumph has helped the AFL to gain the attention of the people of the sub-continent. Hopefully, in the next tournament, Pakistan will be moved up to division two.

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