Eman Anjum

Eman Anjum is a student of international relations at National Defence University. Currently, she's in the second semester of her bachelor's degree. She aspires to write in the academic field. Her areas of interest are international relations, Pakistan affairs, and current affairs.

The Unbelievable Journey of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew

Written by Eman Anjum 2:00 pm

Having been the leading person to have fought for his country’s independence from the British colonial rule, it is no surprise that Lee Kuan Yew is known to be Singapore’s founding father. The author, Eman Anjum, briefly explores his life before and while he was in office.
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A Peaceful Afghanistan: The Interest of Pakistan, China, & the Region

Written by Muhammad Saad, Eman Anjum, Jizza Babar and M. Shaheer Khattak 11:47 am

Over the years, the state of Afghanistan has experienced terrorism, drug trafficking, human rights abuse, political turmoil, geostrategic and geo-economic tussle, and societal deterioration. The instability in the state has impacted Pakistan, China, Iran, Turkey, and the Central Asian Republics as well. The authors, Muhammad Saad, Eman Anjum, Jizza Babar, and M. Shaheer Khattak, note that for their own interests, these regional states seek a peaceful Afghanistan, the establishment of which is not an easy task. For this reason, they have made efforts to stabilize and develop the war-torn state.
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