Haleema Bhatti

Haleema Bhatti is pursuing her MPhil in Political Science from Forman Christian College and has done her bachelor's in international relations from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. Her research interests lie in South Asian and religious politics.

Understanding the Kashmir Conflict Through Realism

Written by Haleema Bhatti 12:28 pm

The Kashmir conflict started between India and Pakistan after the Maharaja of Kashmir Hari Singh acceded to India – despite it being a Muslim majority area. This research aims to study the history of the Kashmir conflict and the policies adopted by India and Pakistan from a realist perspective. Haleema Bhatti believes that for national interests and state survival, both states have tried their best to maximise their power and dominance in the region.
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Cyberbullying in Pakistan: The Case of Cyber Harassment Against Women

Written by Haleema Bhatti 11:47 am

Aside from facilitating communication, trading, and education, the internet has brought along with it an immense amount of harassment and bullying. Forty percent of women in Pakistan have been victims of cyberbullying in the form of sexual harassment, blackmailing, hate speech, stalking, identity theft, and physical threats. Haleema Bhatti explains how when it comes to the female victims of cyber harassment in Pakistan, only 28% of women report the harassment, while the rest don’t – mainly because they’re embarrassed.
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