Maryam Jilani

Ms Maryam Jilani is a student of Sociology who passionately believes in the advocacy of human rights and women empowerment.

Jamaica’s Ban on Degenerate Entertainment: Moral Policing or Crime Preventer?

Written by Maryam Jilani 7:07 pm

On 11th October, the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica issued a directive that outlawed music and tv shows supporting crime, violence, and drug use, among others. Maryam Jilani considers the recent ban an example of moral policing rather than a crime curative measure.
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Green Menstruation in India: Accelerating Women’s Progress

Written by Maryam Jilani 11:16 am

Maryam Jilani traces the development and awareness of menstruation and menstrual products in India. Beginning with Arunachalam’s ingenious machine, to the present call for sustainable and green menstruation. Maryam believes that the collective efforts to deliver and emphasise the significance of accessible and sustainable menstrual products will accelerate Indian women’s progress.
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The Politics of the Veil in France, India & Iran

Written by Maryam Jilani 7:35 pm

Maryam Jilani studies the narratives of women’s emancipation and agency in three countries: France, India, and Iran. While the three of them have dissimilar geographical, cultural, and political climates, one common feature would be the weaponisation of veiling and how it is used to marginalise and discriminate against specific fractions of the population.
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The Changing Landscape of Faisalabad’s Textile Industry

Written by Maryam Jilani 7:28 pm

Maryam Jilani describes the strikes that occurred due to the disputes between employers and workers in the various power looms of Faisalabad. She also comments on the importance of the Labour Qaumi Movement (LQM), an organisation of power loom workers, and how they were able to secure pay raises and social security guarantees.
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