Meshal Farid Bhatti

Meshal Farid Bhatti is a lifestyle blogger at Meet With Meshi. She is an opinionated writer who shares her take on mindful living. Apart from that, she works as a freelancer and holds a master's degree in business administration. She developed an interest in international affairs after appearing in a competitive exam.

Islamophobia in the United States and Beyond

Written by Meshal Farid Bhatti 10:47 am

The fear and terror prevailing against Muslims around the world, especially in the West is called “Islamophobia”. The terrorist attack of 9/11, in particular, led to an unparalleled rise in Islamophobia – and Muslims all around the world were suddenly labelled ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists’. In the United States, far-right political parties are using this fear to gain momentum in their political career.
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