Samana Mehmood

Ms. Samana Mehmood is currently pursuing her bachelor's in international relations from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Her areas of interest include non-traditional security challenges, geopolitics, international law, Middle Eastern politics, and South Asia.

Turkey-China Relations: From Defense to Economic Partnerships

Written by Samana Mehmood 11:53 am

The relations between China and Turkey serve as the perfect example of common interests winning over ideology. Though the two states have diverging views on several issues like terrorism, or the Arab Spring, they still view each other as important trading partners – and have cooperated in the defense, cultural, and economic spheres. Samana Mehmood notes that the diplomatic relations which started in 1971, have now become much more significant. With the changing structure of the international environment, Beijing and Ankara are bound to play a more proactive role in global affairs.
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Pakistan’s Inflation Curse: Causes & Recommendations

Written by Samana Mehmood 7:50 pm

From political instability to an economic and climate crisis, Pakistan has witnessed an innumerable amount of chaos and devastation in 2022. To further add to this burdening state of affairs, the country is now experiencing food inflation, pushing people into poverty. Samana Mehmood addresses the causes of this inflation and suggests ways to overcome it.
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