largest airliners in the world 2022

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Largest Airliners in the World (2022)

The adventure through the skies would be impossible without the magnificent giants, so this infographic will share details about the five largest airliners in the world as of 2022. Four carriers belong to the United States, while the fifth is Irish.
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According to the data compiled by Business Insider, as of 2022, the four largest airliners in the world belong to the US, with the major US-based airline, American Airlines, placing first. The 87-year-old airline has a total of 911 aircraft and over 123k employees, but what’s even more massive is that American Airlines handles around 6800 flights every day.

Delta and United rank second and third respectively, both fairly old and prominent airlines. While relatively new, Southwest Airlines has also expended time and effort to compete with other major US airlines.

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In an airspace that is primarily dominated by US airliners, Ryanair, an Irish ultra-low-cost airline, with its impressive number of flight departures, is the fifth largest airliner in the world.

largest airliners in the world (2022)

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