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Revival of Radio Pakistan

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the former minister for Information and Broadcasting, lauded Radio Pakistan’s initiatives for revival on her visit to the station last month. The national broadcaster’s efforts to make itself financially stable will ensure a significant improvement in the creativity and innovation of its content.
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The revival of Radio Pakistan is imperative to preserve the country’s cultural heritage, develop a national identity as well as provide the populace with valuable information and enjoyment. With the development of technology and the evolving media landscape, radio is still an important and accessible medium of communication.

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the former minister for Information and Broadcasting, conducted a visit to the Radio Pakistan office in Islamabad. Moreover, she praised the recent efforts by Radio Pakistan in order to revive the national broadcaster while making it economically feasible.

The business strategy for the “Stand-Up Radio Pakistan” project was completed in fourteen months, assuring financial sustainability along with improving the project’s content, broadcast quality, and welfare of staff members. The minister underlined the initiatives designed to promote diversity in broadcasts.

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She additionally acknowledged Radio Pakistan for developing an innovative technological platform to bring awareness of modern and contemporary devices and tools that can have an advantageous effect on society. She also paid a visit to the recently launched  Drama Studio, the Podcast space, and the music station and expressed her support for them.

In addition, the audience also praised the 24/7 music channel, the popular Saut-ul-Quran channel, and the world service for overseas Pakistanis. Another achievement of Radio Pakistan includes opening cinemas and research facilities across the country to provide reasonable and exceptional entertainment. 

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