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Sea Guardians-2: Pak-China Maritime Cooperation

Sea Guardians-2, a code name for the maritime exercise between China and Pakistan was held from 10th till 13th July 2022. The navies of both countries gathered at the military port in Wusong, Shanghai to begin the bilateral exercise. This cooperation was further enhanced by the recent induction of PNS Taimur, a new Chinese 054 A/P frigate, into the Pakistan Navy.
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The navies of China and Pakistan conducted live-fire drills following inshore exchanges, as part of a four-day joint maritime exercise code-named “Sea Guardians-2.” Fleets participating in the drill set off from a military port in Shanghai for the scheduled sea area.

During the live-fire phase, the vessels conducted a series of training modules. These included communications, joint missile and main gun attacks against maritime targets, anti-aircraft engagement with close-in weapons systems, replenishment drills, tactical maneuvering, joint anti-submarine warfare, air defense, anti-missile drills, and joint support for damaged vessels.

The joint exercise intends to strengthen defense cooperation, exchange expertise and experience, deepen the longstanding friendship between the two militaries and strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries. The drills also promoted the development of the China-Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperative partnership.

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Moreover, China and Pakistan, the iron brothers, commenced their ‘Sea Guardians-2’ drills off the Shanghai coast. They launched new fighter jets and high-tech naval ships in order to counter maritime security threats. Warships partaking in the Sea Guardians-2 joint maritime drill include the PLA Navy’s Type 054A guided missile frigate Xiangtan along with the Type 056A guided missile corvette Shuozhou.

According to the state-run Global Times, the Pakistan Navy’s Type 054A/P guided missile frigate Taimur accompanied the exercise. In addition to this, Taimur is the second of four Type 054A/P warships built by China and on June 23, China delivered it to the Pakistan Navy. Both the Xiangtan and the Taimur are of the Type 054A-class frigate, observers said.

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