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Seed Out: A Non-Profit Microfinance Organization in Pakistan

Seed Out is a non-profit organization formed by Zain Ashraf in his attempt to bring sustainable economic stability and progress to underprivileged neighborhoods in Pakistan. It is a crowdfunding platform for budding entrepreneurs in Pakistan, as declared on its website, meaning that it fosters direct relations between the donors and the beneficiaries.
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How it Works

Seed Out connects potential donors to prospective recipients who they can fund. They belong to vulnerable parts of society such as widows, divorcees, disabled persons, women, and transgenders. Once connected with their chosen candidates, the donors can give funds to them ranging from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 200,000. This cash is not directly handed over to the beginning entrepreneurs, it is used for their capacity building, training, workshops, and business set-ups. 

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The payments by the donors are traceable and the capital growth can be seen visually. No one remains in the dark about exactly when and where the money is being utilized. The transparency of the organization is what helps establish unwavering trust. The loans are interest-free and are recoverable over a long period of time so as to not rush the people. There have even been cases where the organization has waived off the entire loan due to misfortune or untimely death. 


The main aim or goal of this organization is to foster socio-economic peace in disadvantaged localities. Pop-ups of new businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups lead to the long-term establishment of familial and societal harmony. Sustainable peacebuilding points to the mending of the community’s social fabric through integrative and local methods. It promotes social cohesion by decreasing the steep economic disparities in penurious communities. 


Apart from the visible impacts of empowering new business owners, this initiative has several long-term positive contributions as well. These include tackling non-traditional security threats like poverty, educational deficit, and gendered equity

22% of Pakistan has been reported as living under the poverty line according to the Pakistan National Assembly in 2021. The Seed Out initiative aims to alleviate poverty by creating long-term sustainable jobs and avenues of earning in Pakistan.

With every successful start-up, the organization funds the schooling of two children. Up until now, Seed Out has aided in sending over 5000 children to school. Gendered equity refers to enacting and implementing such systems and policies that help women overcome gendered biases and obstacles. Seed Out has a non-discriminatory policy in regard to its aspirants and does not differentiate on the basis of caste, creed, religion, or gender.

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The organization has contributed to significant economic growth in the needy districts of Pakistan. If we were to categorize the areas of maximum impact, they would include food affluence, self-sustainability, women empowerment, and employment.

The founder Zain Ashraf is a philanthropist and social activist. Declared the UN Champion of Change and listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, he has been able to effectively change over 7000 lives for the better in Pakistan.

Seed Out has been doing unique and praiseworthy work in Pakistan for many years and has received several accolades not just from the Pakistani government but also received recognition from all around the world.

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