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What’s Missing in the Climate Agreements and the Conference of Parties?

Written by Muhammad Danish Raza 12:54 pm

With climate change being a formidable opponent, several agreements have been drafted and the annual Conference of Parties held — but why is it that nothing significant has been done yet? Muhammad Danish Raza claims that it is because these frameworks lack a practical approach and overlook oil and petroleum-based economies.
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The 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project: A Journey of Global Acknowledgements

Written by Muhammad Bilal Farooq 12:21 pm

The KPK government launched its Billion Tree Tsunami Programme in 2015, receiving both national and international acclaim for the success of the project. In 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the bar and began the ‘Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme’. The project has not only curbed environmental harm but has also financially empowered the local population through a network of private nurseries.
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How Climate Change in Afghanistan Is Forcing Migration

Written by Rooha Javed 11:57 am

The drastic changes in climate have left millions of people vulnerable, causing them to migrate from their homelands in search of more stable environments. The effects of climate change have been particularly devastating for Afghanistan. Rooha Javed explains that droughts, earthquakes, and floods have become increasingly common in the state. In 2019 alone, 287,000 people, mainly from the western and northern regions of Afghanistan, had been displaced due to a drought.
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How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates (Book Review)

Written by Aimen Ayaz 11:47 am

In his book, How to Avoid A Climate Disaster, Bill Gates expresses his concerns about the overwhelming climate change, beckoning readers to urge policies around net-zero emissions. He also provides readers with a list of ways that they can individually contribute to such an end—which is more than just turning off the tap while you brush your teeth.
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The Biden-Xi Summit: Deliberating Taiwan, Trade, HR Violations & Climate Change

Written by Ayesha Zafar 12:00 pm

The much-awaited Biden-Xi virtual summit took place on 15th November to deliberate and resolve the contentious issues between the two states. The meeting focused on four key areas: Taiwan, trade relations, human rights violations, and climate change.
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The 26th Conference of Parties (COP 26): Showcasing Pakistan’s Climate Commitments

Written by Ayesha Zafar 11:47 am

Alarming numbers and existing evidence by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have prompted a ‘Code Red’ for humanity. An annual global climate conference, this year’s Conference of Parties, COP26, will take place in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November. It will allow countries to present policies and measures taken to address climate change. The author, Ayesha Zafar, highlights Pakistan’s significant commitments to tackling climate change, which includes the establishment of the Global Change Impact Studies Centre, the National Climate Change Policy, and the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme, among others.
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What Is IUU Fishing & Why Is It a Problem?

Written by Zuha Tiwana 11:47 am

The author, Zuha Tiwana, considers illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing — more commonly known by the acronym IUU — to be a global threat to marine life. IUU fishing exposes economies excessively dependent on fishing to danger and hence nations, regional maritime bodies, non-governmental organizations, and international bodies must jointly and severally take measures against IUU fishing.
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Analyzing the Climate Change of Pakistan

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 11:47 am

The devastating effects of climate change can be felt all around the globe, making it impossible to ignore this threat. Being the 8th most vulnerable state to climate change, Pakistan has lost 9,989 lives and $80 billion due to climate-induced disasters. The author notes that climate change has not only impacted Pakistan’s economy but its agricultural sector and the lives of the state’s citizens as well. The author asserts that to fight against this hazard, the state’s government has introduced several measures. The Billion Tree Tsunami project, the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project, and Pakistan’s first-ever electric vehicle policy are all steps taken by Pakistan to combat climate change. Although Pakistan’s efforts are commendable, it alone cannot rid the world of this threat.
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What Are the Challenges of Switching to Renewable Energy Sources?

Written by Dr. Taut Bataut 12:07 pm

The author, Dr. Taut Bataut, focuses on the challenges associated with switching to renewable energy from hydrocarbons. While the advantages of renewables are substantial, the implementation of such schemes is fraught with complications. Pakistan remains predominantly reliant on fossil fuels as its primary source of energy. Hence, a more pragmatic and long-term policy that incentivizes renewables and gradually enhances their contribution to the energy mix is crucial for success.
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The Impact of Climate Change Globally: Flooding, Heat Waves & Wildfires in 2021

Written by Uzair Bin Farid 7:47 pm

With massive flooding and implacable wildfires enveloping planet earth, one fact that has been constantly overlooked for centuries has now come to the fore – the impact of climate change is real and merciless. Turkey, Japan, Canada, and Northern Ireland have recorded their highest temperatures. Asian countries, particularly China, face flash floods and drowning cities. The author stresses citizens and governments to inculcate sustainable and environmental-friendly practices so that the fierce forces of climate change can be mitigated.
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The Failure of Nations in Combating Climate Change Globally

Written by Hurain Sheikh 1:47 pm

Climate change is slowly becoming uncontrollable. Despite the extreme weather conditions around the world, the pledges, conferences, and discussions around climate change are proving to be ineffective. Collective action must be taken immediately to mitigate the intensity of this issue.
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How Climate Change in Pakistan Affects Migration

Written by Omair Farooq Khan 11:46 am

Migration induced by climate change is not a new phenomenon. Pakistan’s climate-induced migration is mainly linked to the natural disasters and extreme weather which cause the state to experience unseasonal rains, floods, and droughts. Due to these conditions, people are forced to migrate to cities in search of food, shelter and jobs. The author, Omair Farooq Khan, notes that climate change has aggravated Pakistan’s water crisis, and any change in Pakistan’s water resources will be destructive for the agriculture sector. Keeping in mind that the 2009-2010 floods displaced more than 2 million people in Pakistan, he recommends ways for Pakistan to tackle extreme weather conditions.
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The Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef by India’s Adani Group

Written by Muskan Moazzam 11:47 am

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and a World Heritage-listed site, is witnessing the destruction of its reefs by the Australian government and India’s Adani Group. Protests and movements by various NGOs and international institutions are spurring the need for conservation initiatives and projects.
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Disadvantages of Renewable Energy: The Untold Story

Written by G.N. Mahar 10:46 am

In the shift from non-renewable to green energy sources, human beings have ignored the disadvantages of renewable energy. The author explains that while the energy generated by solar panels, wind turbines, and biomass farms, is renewable, the raw materials used for the construction of equipment or structures to harness it, is not. The author further asserts that in our efforts to tackle climate change, we have been more focused on preserving our way of life than protecting the planet responsible for sustaining it.
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The Neglected Relationship Between Climate Change and Women

Written by Hafsa Hassan 10:47 am

What, really, is the connection between climate change and gender inequality? Studies and several examples show the disproportionate impact of climate change on women.
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The Water Crisis in Pakistan: A Devastating Plunge

Written by Daniyal Talat 10:52 am

Pakistan’s water crisis leaves the state at the edge of the precipice; primarily an agrarian economy, water is considered exceptionally indispensable to the Pakistani community.
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Climate Diplomacy: The Pakistan Chapter

Written by Aimen Ayaz 10:47 am

Climate diplomacy will propel Pakistan out of its procrastination, equipping it with viable stratagems that would advance environmental stability.
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