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[Video] Can Pakistan Tackle the Climate Crisis?

In our exclusive interview with Hania Imran, the visionary behind “Youth Climate Activists Pakistan,” we delve into Pakistan’s distinctive standing as one of the world’s most vulnerable nations to the climate crisis, and deliberate the critical actions required to address this pressing issue.
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Embark on a journey of climate action with us as Fahad Syed sits down with Hania Imran, a dedicated climate change activist at the forefront of Pakistan’s environmental movement. As the visionary founder of “Youth Climate Activists Pakistan,” an informal organization of young activists dedicated to raising climate awareness, Hania takes us on her journey, revealing the pivotal moments that ignited her mission to combat climate change.

Join us as we explore the unique challenges that Pakistan faces as one of the countries most profoundly impacted by the global climate crisis. Hania recounts her eye-opening experiences at the COP 27 summit, where world leaders convened to address pressing climate issues, and delves into the crucial actions required at all levels to confront this urgent crisis head-on. Her firsthand accounts provide invaluable insights and perspectives gained on the international stage.

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