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Pakistan’s Participation in Chinese Trade Fairs

From textile to food, the 2022-23 trade exhibitions in China will cover numerous subjects. China will further host webinars, conferences, workshops, and delegations, all of which are of particular interest to Pakistan. Starting from August 2022, Pakistan is expected to attend 13 trade exhibitions in China.
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As per the reports by the Annual Business Plan (ABP) and Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP), Pakistan is most likely to take part in 13 trade fairs in China till 2023 in different Chinese cities, including China-Eurasia Expo, China International Import Expo (CIIE), Xiamen Stone Fair, Canton Fair, etcetera.

These trade fairs in China will contain topics such as textile, leather, agro & food, as well as rice exports to China, mangoes, meat, etcetera. Besides trade exhibitions, China will also conduct webinars and export promotional conferences, workshops, and delegations to and from Pakistan.

Among the several trade exhibitions, the 7th China-Eurasia Expo will be held from August 25 to 30 in Urumqi, China under the International Markets Development Division (IMDD) while the Inter-textile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics is also scheduled for August 29 to 31, 2022. The Xiamen Stone Fair will be held in Xiamen, China in March 2023 in which Pakistan’s Engineering and Minerals Division will be participating to highlight the country’s marble sector.

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Additionally, Pakistan’s Textile and Leather Division will display the country’s apparel and fabric at Inter-Textile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics. Therefore, many seminars and webinars/B2B sessions are also organized, wherein both countries’ importers and exporters will take part.

For instance, a webinar entitled “Replacing imports from China due to US sanctions/tariff increase” will be held in August 2022 to help participants better grasp the market dynamics of China following US sanctions. A webinar or a B2B meeting would be held to propose Pakistan’s citrus products to Chinese markets.

Likewise, a further webinar/B2B session about rice exports to China will be held in April 2023 by the Rice Importers and the Trade Mission in Beijing and Shanghai. In addition to this, in Karachi in April 2023, a conference on CPFTA-II will be organized to provide details on the utilization of the FTA with China and tap into untapped possibilities and tariff lines. 

Thus, some seminars and webinars on the topics of “Market Opportunities for Packaging Industry of Pakistan,” “Pakistan-China Sports Goods,” “Export of Gemstones,” “Market Penetration, Creation of Linkages of Surgical Firms with Chinese Counterparts,” and interaction regarding Chinese prefabricated-low-cost housing to the housing sector of Pakistan have also been planned.

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