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Roots Millennials Qualify for the 2022 World Scholar’s Cup

Four students from the Roots Millennium Education System recently qualified for the global round of the 2022 World Scholar’s Cup, an international competition that will be held at Yale University later this year. The students first qualified in the regional round in Karachi, and then in the global round in Dubai.
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Four exemplary students from the Roots Millennium Education System have qualified for the 2022 World Scholar’s Cup – ‘Tournament of Champions’, which will be held at Yale University in the United States, after competing with 1500 other students from around the world.

The World Scholar’s Cup is one of the largest international competitions held each year to inspire learners of all backgrounds to discover and unleash their potential, as well as to enhance their skills. Every year, the World Scholar`s Cup invites qualifying teams from the regional rounds to their global rounds.

The extraordinary students of the Millennium Education who qualified in the regional round held in Karachi, and the global round held in Dubai, will now be participating in the Tournament of Champions at Yale University. It is an incredible achievement for these Roots Millennials to not only represent their school and country on an international platform but also to bring glory to the institution’s name.

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The students will have the opportunity to interact with and learn directly from Yale students and faculty during the Tournament of Champions, making it more than just another Global Round. The following students qualified for the Tournament of Champions:

TME is deeply focused on academic excellence and seamlessly integrates that with co-curricular activities. TME has always been a trailblazer in providing outstanding opportunities to its learners and empowering them to compete in globally recognized competitions such as the 2022 World Scholar’s Cup.

In the World Scholar’s Cup, beyond simply memorizing facts, learners interact with scholars from various cultural backgrounds to discuss contemporary issues and ideas. The entire TME faculty, teachers, and management are extremely proud of their learners because of this remarkable achievement and wish them success and prosperity in their future endeavors.

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