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The Millennium Education

The Millennium Education (TME) is an extension of the Roots School System founded in 1988 by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq. These new generation millennium schools and colleges have been founded by her son Dr. Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI). Being one of the best education systems in Pakistan, the Millennium Education focuses on high-quality education, responsibility, and citizenship in a supportive environment – tailored for the international community.
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TME offers the best private schools in Pakistan, implementing a unique, developmental, and student-centred approach to instructions following an inquiry-based interdisciplinary curriculum. With a physical footprint of 45 purpose-built campuses across 25 major cities of Pakistan, the Millennium Education has the first ‘Confucius Classroom’ with 8500 students learning Mandarin nationwide.

Moreover, TME is also Pakistan’s first Intel ICT SFS Curriculum School and is one of the few schools offering robotics. The Millennium Education today is beyond education and schooling and with its 35 years of legacy of academic excellence and holistic learning, it’s re-engineering the teaching and learning methodologies and strategies at the national and international levels.

TME and Future World School (FWS) also offer discounts and scholarships to ensure accessibility. The Roots Millennium Education Schools and Colleges have always stood for celebrating diversity, creativity, vitality, and excellence – values that have ultimately formed Roots Millennium Schools as one of the leading private institutions in Pakistan.

With 14 branches in the region, the Millennium Education is considered one of the best international schools in Islamabad – and even across Pakistan offering international qualification. TME focuses on education at all levels which have all been discussed below.

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The Millennium Early Years (TMEY)

The Millennium Education, accredited as one of the best early years schools in Pakistan, offers a fully equipped early learning approach for children. They provide four years of early years education i.e., Reception (2+ years), Play Group (3+ years), Junior Year (4+ years) and Advanced Year (5+ years). Considered the best early year program in Pakistan, TMEY is based on the needs of the young learners and focuses on nurturing and enhancing the child’s achievements, interests, and learning styles.

TME is one of the top schools offering junior and advanced year qualifications (Early Years) in Islamabad – and across Pakistan – to prepare children for reading with a multi-sensory approach including phonics and language experiences. It can be considered one of the best early years schools in Pakistan because of the scientific methods of teaching, specific multi-sensory materials to develop specific skills, fully trained Early Years directresses and staff, all Exercises of Practical Life (EPL) and focused work areas, which all focus on developing a ‘wholesome’ personality for the child.

The focus areas for each child are Personal Social-Emotional Development (PSED), Communication Language and Literacy (CLL), Knowledge and Understanding of the World Around (KUWA), Mathematical Development (MD), and Physical Development (PD). Such a comprehensive, interactive curriculum is what makes the TMEY program one of the best pre-school, pre-playgroup, and playgroup systems in Pakistan.

The Millennium Primary Years (TMPY)

The Millennium Primary Years Program forms a part of international education for learners between 6 to 10 years of age, offering routes that candidates can follow from the post-kindergarten stage to university entrance. The TME Primary Years Program promotes an enquiry-based approach, developing learners’ confidence, creativity and intellectual engagement.

Learners are taught using a broad range of activities that promote experience, reflection and improvement. What makes TMPY one of the best primary years programs in Pakistan is the Pearson Edexcel iPrimary – a complete, six-year program taught in the TMPY. The Pearson Edexcel iPrimary English curriculum is designed specifically for non-native speakers of English, to enhance their written and spoken English skills.

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The Pearson Edexcel iPrimary Mathematics curriculum has been created keeping the international standards in mind – to ensure a strong foundation for later learning. The Pearson Edexcel iPrimary Science curriculum has been designed to develop scientific enquiry skills and the content is designed to support enquiry-based learning as per international standards.

Moreover, Chinese and German are taught as a regular part of the Primary Years Program at the Millennium Education and Future World School. The Millennium Primary Years Program believes in learning beyond the classroom and has introduced ways to develop reading skills in the learners by encouraging their young minds towards reading. The main aim is to provide an environment where each child aspires for excellence – making it one of the best primary year schools in Pakistan.

The Millennium Middle Years (TMMY)

The Millennium Middle Years caters to children between the ages of 11 and 13, as the curriculum framework offered by the Millennium International Lower Secondary Curriculum is specially designed for educational success for learners of this specific age group. Due to its special curriculum, it is considered one of the best middle year programs in Pakistan.

With a focus on English, Math, Science, Geography, Social Studies, History, Islamiat, and Urdu, the program prepares students for a smooth transition to higher national/international qualifications. The Millennium Roots School System is one of the few middle-year school systems in Islamabad that ensures Cambridge Primary & Secondary checkpoints to help students who will go on to appear in the IGCSE/Cambridge exams in the future.

The Millennium Upper Middle Years (IGCSE/O Levels)

At Roots Millennium Education Schools and Colleges, learners are encouraged to study a wide range of subjects at the IGCSE level. TME is one of the best IGCSE schools in Pakistan, in addition to offering O-levels and A-levels. To help students follow a broad and balanced curriculum, the Millennium Upper Middle Years provides options for students to take courses from each of the IGCSE groups – particularly if they’re aiming to go on for further education.

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The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is one of the most recognized qualifications around the world and provides a foundation for higher-level courses, such as AS and A Level, the Advanced International Certificate of Education, the North American Advanced Placement program, and the International Baccalaureate.

This is primarily why TME (one of the best schools offering IGCSE in Islamabad) is focusing widely on the Cambridge IGCSE in Pakistan. Cambridge International Education (CIE) is progressive and flexible, helping schools develop successful students. Curricula and qualifications are designed to support high-quality educational performance, develop successful students and support the economic performance of countries where CIE works at the national level.

Universities in countries around the world including Pakistan recognize and welcome Cambridge qualifications. Students enrolled in college years at Roots Millennium Colleges experience an enriching journey full of learning and opportunities that ensures their acceptance to their dream university.

Roots Millennium Access centers and guidance counsellors encourage students to discover the joy of learning as they explore their interests, cultivate enduring relationships with teachers and peers, and embrace challenges. A child’s needs as a learner and as a future professional are at the heart of TME’s approach to education. The Millennial Pathway gives children a love of learning that will stay with them throughout school, university and beyond.

Admissions for all levels are now open for the 2022-2023 sessions. Apply now to become part of one of the best education systems in Pakistan!

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