Zainab Haseeb

Ms Zainab Haseeb is studying IR at Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. She has previously participated in WWF's Eco-internship.

A Look Into the Pakistan-Türkiye Relief Efforts

Written by Zainab Haseeb 7:20 pm

Zainab Haseeb undertakes an event-by-event analysis to understand how both Pakistan and Türkiye have contributed to safeguarding each other’s interests during natural challenges. She traces the relief efforts made during the 2005 earthquake, the 2022 floods, and the recent 2023 earthquakes.
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Pakistan-IMF: The Ninth Economic Review

Written by Zainab Haseeb 8:06 pm

As the international market continues to become competitive, countries such as Pakistan are increasing their dependence on the IMF. The loan programs come with terms and conditions highlighting austerity for rebalancing the government’s books. However, these deals have been observed to exacerbate economic inequality in Pakistan. Following the current political turmoil in Pakistan, the interim set-up has negotiated yet another deal that has directly affected the exchange rates. In order to understand the current situation, Zainab Haseeb gives an overview of the 9th economic review of a $7 billion loan program.
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What Can Pakistan Learn from Israel’s Water Technology?

Written by Zainab Haseeb 9:40 pm

In view of the water crisis in Pakistan, there is a need for the country to learn from other countries that have made effective use of water-conservatory technologies. This is now becoming essential in order to supply people with the much-needed resource. In Zainab Haseeb’s opinion, there is now a need to explore Israel’s water management strategies and technologies since they are widely considered the best in the world.
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The Kalabagh Dam Issue: An Unrealized Dream

Written by Zainab Haseeb 10:47 am

The highly divisive issue of the Kalabagh Dam resurfaces as predictions of acute water shortages in Pakistan are made. The provinces, KPK and Sindh in particular, continue to cite their reasons for disagreeing to build the Kalabagh Dam. The author provides a counterargument to their reasons and contends that the energy generated as a result of the Kalabagh Dam would be a significant addition to the country’s economy.
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