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Babar Azam as Captain: Out or Not Out?

Written by Amjad Riaz 6:43 pm

The PCB’s announcement of the squad for the T20I series yesterday has people surprised by the absence of the Pakistan team’s captain, Babar Azam. In this opinion piece, Amjad Riaz makes the case for why Babar should be able to keep his captaincy—do you think the same?
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The Dangers of Free Speech Absolutism

Written by Mir Adnan Aziz 9:09 pm

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lord Acton’s words can also be applicable to free speech. Mir Adnan Aziz holds that free speech absolutism—speech that knows no restrictions or limitations—has disfigured the sanctity of free speech. He makes his case by centering the piece around how Charlie Hebdo abused free speech, by continually publishing extremely offensive, and sometimes blasphemous cartoons.
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Does Marijuana Use Affect Athletic Performance?

Written by Hamid Amni 10:07 pm

Hamid Amni scientifically explores some advantages and disadvantages of marijuana use by fighters and athletes from a neutral point of view based on limited studies. Ultimately, he strongly suggests that each MMA fighter consult with a doctor about using marijuana and consider the rules and regulations of the sport.
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The PML-Q Breakup: Family Feud or Brilliant Politics?

Written by Aleena Imran 8:32 pm

PML-Q has recently been in the limelight due to the conflicts happening within the party. In a shocking turn of events, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi have parted ways, with Elahi now pledging loyalty to PTI. Aleena Imran discusses how the tight-knit cousins have pledged their loyalty to different political figures throughout history – just to protect their own interests. She also notes how this televised feud could be a part of their political strategy, so that the ‘Chaudhrys win’ – no matter which party is in power.
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Pakistan’s Governance Implosion Syndrome

Written by Mir Adnan Aziz 8:52 pm

Mir Adnaz Aziz finds there to be discordance between the people of Pakistan and the ruling elite. Citizens are now beginning to realize that the government has never really served them. In fact, the public has been on the receiving end of the injudicious and hasty decisions of the politicians.
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Understanding the Value of Liberal Arts Education in Pakistan 

Written by Sameer Sohail 6:15 pm

A liberal arts education offers a multidisciplinary curriculum, including social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences, among others. Sameer Sohail finds there to be a palpable absence of liberal arts education in Pakistan. He believes that a liberal arts education would help strengthen the Pakistani economy, contribute to holistic futures, and prepare individuals for success in all aspects of life.
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The Reasons Behind the Complicated Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan

Written by Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed 9:13 pm

In most third-world countries, after the colonial period, civil-military relations (CMR) were characterized by military interventions in politics and insubordination to civil control. Brigadier Syed Mushtaq Ahmed examines the reasons for the widespread influence of the armed forces in the domestic political scene. He also explores how civilian regimes have attempted to ensure the subordination of the military to their authority.
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Nigerian Military vs Boko Haram: The Costs of Civilian Harm

Written by Nufaisa Garba Ahmed 9:45 pm

Nufaisa Garba Ahmed primarily sets out to examine the nature and character of the protection of civilians in armed conflicts. In doing so, she brings to the fore some of the grave violations against the civilian population by the Nigerian military in the fight against the Boko Haram Terrorist Group (BHTG) in Nigeria’s Northeast, as reported by credible news outlets. The aim of this opinion piece is to bring to light some of the salient issues of civilian protection and proffer some good practices and lessons to be adopted for more credible and transparent operations by the military in armed conflicts.
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The Fall of “Daronomics,” and the Way Ahead for Pakistan

Written by Myra Imran Rafiq 2:00 pm

The economy of the country is now burdened by the weight of inflationary measures, a weakening rupee, the consequence of “Daronomics,” and the demands of the IMF. In this concise op-ed, Myra Imran Rafiq reveals why policies based on “Daronomics” failed and what needs to be done now for a brighter economic future for Pakistan.
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Reassuring Recommendations for Our Climate Woes

Written by Myra Imran Rafiq 8:05 pm

Despite conferences such as the COP and Davos meetings being held annually, world temperatures are only seen to be soaring, and their impact is drastically witnessed by people all across the globe. This then begs the question, “What can be done to improve efforts in mitigating major climate-related calamities?” In this piece, Myra Imran Rafiq provides several circular and sustainable recommendations for tackling climate change.
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Will Pakistan Default?

Written by Mobeen Mukhtar 1:47 pm

The buzz and panic around a very likely default scenario for Pakistan has the people of the country exceptionally troubled. Mobeen Mukhtar relieves the fears of a default by clarifying and breaking down the country’s debt obligations—both internal and external. He dismisses the possibility of an imminent default owing to debt reschedulings and the Sukuk payment it made last month.
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Calling for Social Justice in Classrooms

Written by Iqra Abid 7:03 pm

There is apparent social injustice in education, which is marked by inadequate efforts made towards minorities’ education, disparities in girls’ education, and the culturally irresponsive pedagogy widening racial segregation in Pakistan. Iqra Abid believes that for an education system to be socially just, it must be built on inclusion, activism, reciprocal community relationships, and ethnographic narrative.
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How a Bloody & Battered TTP Made a Comeback in Pakistan

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 1:57 pm

It is difficult to understate the deadly threat of the TTP’s resurgence in Pakistan. With the country already in economic distress as it is, the growing militancy has further enfeebled the state. Sarmad Ishfaq deems three primary reasons for the TTP’s revival: the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, the peace negotiations with the TTP, and Imran Khan’s ouster.
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Digital Media and Credibility

Written by Abrish Nayyar 2:18 pm

In this piece, Abrish Nayyar covers the similarities and differences between digital natives—novel digital platforms—and legacy media, which refers to conventional media channels. After settling the distinction between the two, she argues that credibility and trust in both have waned.
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Has Artificial Intelligence Become Sentient?

Written by Sana Azhar 12:47 pm

The debate around the sentience of artificial intelligence cropped up unexpectedly in June 2022 when Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, experimented on LaMDA, an AI-driven chatbot. The chatbot not only argued on philosophical questions but also demanded its rights. Sana Azhar determines if such conversations by a chatbot confirm the existence of sentient AI.
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Navigating Cybersecurity Cooperation Between China and Pakistan

Written by Afaq Ahmad 12:31 pm

Afaq Ahmad examines the nature of the Sino-Pak relationship in regard to cybersecurity including the ways in which both countries are working together to address common threats and any potential challenges that may arise. He also discusses the broader implications of improved cybersecurity cooperation for regional security, and the need for continued vigilance and cooperation in the face of evolving cyber threats.
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The Dissolution of Punjab and KP Assemblies: An Unavoidable Path

Written by Raja Abdullah 7:55 pm

Imran Khan is poised to announce the date for the dissolution of the Punjab and KP assemblies on 17th December. Once his party members resign on the decided date, elections are to take place within 90 days of the assemblies’ dissolution. Will the likely dissolution of these two assemblies strengthen Imran Khan’s resolve to inspire general elections?
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