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Oware Technologies in Pakistan: Revolutionizing the Supply Chain Industry

Pakistan seems to be modernising its economy with smart solutions. Oware Technologies is a supply chain tech startup that is revamping the outdated logistics industry with its multifaceted digital approach.
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The growth of e-commerce has required expeditious and smart solutions for managing, tracking, and distributing shipments. The dilatory logistics infrastructure in Pakistan prompted Adil Nisar and Raza Kazmi to found Oware Technologies, a supply chain tech start-up, in 2021.

“Our solution to that problem is based on a shared infrastructure that enables businesses to build sales without substantially increasing their costs,” explained Adil Nisar. “The aim is to level the playing field for Pakistani businesses, because it’s currently only the large multinationals that have access to modern systems.”

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Oware Technologies provides storage facilities for lease to businesses in need of warehouses while offering B2B distribution services as well. The most important and promising feature, however, is the Oware portal which has a clear design and real-time dashboard.

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Oware Technologies of Pakistan was able to raise $3.3 million in pre-seed funding from US investors such as the Flexport Fund, Ratio Ventures, Seedstars International Ventures, Sketchnote Partners, the Osiris Group, Swiss Founders Fund, Reflect Ventures, +92 Ventures and Walled City Co.

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