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Pakistan Wins the 21st Asian Junior Squash Championship

On 12th February, Pakistan’s junior squash team won against India in the finals of the 21st Asian Junior Squash Team Championship with a 2-0 score. The Pakistani team also defeated both South Korea and Malaysia in the semi-finals.
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Congratulations to all Pakistanis! In a thrilling turn of events at the Indian Squash and Triathlon Academy in Chennai, the junior squash team of Pakistan defeated neighboring India in the final of the 21st Asian Junior Squash Team Championship. This win came after the team first defeated Korea 3-0, with exemplary performances by Noor Zaman against Seo Jin Oh, Hamza Khan against Kun Kim, and Ashab Irfan against Teo Kyung Jung. Later, Pakistan beat Hong Kong 3-0 as well.

The Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) marked the win in the finals by congratulating the team and extending felicitations to the country via Twitter, “Congratulations Pakistan. Well done Team Pakistan we are proud of you. Pakistan is once again Asian champion and beat India in the final of the Asian Junior Squash Team Championship 2023 Chennai (India). Pakistan beat India 2/0.”

In the highly anticipated match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, Noor Zaman went up against India’s Krishna Mishra. The match lasted 35 minutes, and was a close one since the two competitors were almost neck and neck in all games. Noor defeated Krishna 12-10 in the first game, lost 9-11 in the second game, won 13-11 in the third game, and won 11-9 in the fourth game – eventually beating Krishna 3-1.

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Pakistan’s squash sensation, Hamza Khan, who is a two-time Asian junior champion, alongside being a British junior champion, easily beat India’s Paarth Ambani, with a final score of 3-0. The match lasted only 20 minutes, with scores of 11-7, 11-5, and 11-4.

To celebrate the Pakistani team winning the trophy 2-0, Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena Hotels, hosted a dinner in their honor at the Islamabad Serena Hotel. 

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