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Paradigm Shift’s Magazine: October 2023 Edition

The October 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine contains 12 handpicked pieces. These cover important issues like the Israel-Palestine war, the political destinies of party leaders in Pakistan, and the rise and fall of PIA, among others.
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The October 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine is out!

The magazine does not intend to follow a determined theme but rather features a curated list of pieces that center around the latest news and developments in Pakistan and abroad.

This month’s magazine talks extensively about the history of the Israel-Palestine war, the situation in Gaza right now, and the overall situation that is unfolding right now in the world with respect to Israel. We also have a piece on Benito Mussolini, widely regarded as the Father of Fascism.

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Coming to the situation in Pakistan, one of our articles talks about the return of Nawaz Sharif, while another talks about the political future of Imran Khan.

We also have a piece that details the rise and fall of PIA, which is sure to satiate your curiosity about what really happened to the national airline – which was well on its way to becoming one of the best in the world!

The October 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine features a few pieces on the justice system in Pakistan, including an opinion piece on the Legality of the Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act 2023, a Guide to the Civil Judge Exam in Pakistan, and an article on the Hierarchy of Courts in Pakistan.

Given the situation in Gaza, all we can do as individuals is spread the word, pray, and donate whatever we can to help alleviate their suffering. We have included the details of the Al-Khidmat Foundation, which is working on-ground with local partners to get aid where they can.

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