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Taleemabad & Telenor Pakistan – Bringing Digital Education to All

Taleemabad will be collaborating with Telenor Pakistan to introduce digital learning to 6 public schools at the pilot stage. If this digital model is proven successful, the collaboration will be extended to over 400 schools in Islamabad.
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Taleemabad is a digital education platform that focuses on bringing the approved Single National Curriculum (SNC) in an “engaging way” to the country’s youth. Taleemabad recently signed an MoU with Telenor Pakistan to pilot Taleemabad in six public schools, which will be known as ‘Model Virtual Schools’.

At the pilot stage, Telenor Pakistan will equip these schools with basic IT infrastructure, alongside a digital learning management system that can be used by students, teachers, and the administration. Taleemabad, which has been endorsed by the Ministry of Federal Education, aims at extending high-quality standardized digital education to under-served students and schools.

As per Telenor, this initiative is part of a broader partnership that will facilitate learners and educators through Taleemabad’s digital platform and fits Telenor Pakistan’s goal of taking digital learning to 1 million out-of-school children by 2023.

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Referring to the MoU with Taleemabad (held during the tenure of the now ex-Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood), Kamal Ahmed from Telenor stated: “With over 23 million out-of-school children across the country, we believe it is our responsibility to innovate and introduce sustainable solutions that enable people through digitalization and can stand the test of time.”

Shafqat Mahmood discussed how these 6 schools would serve as a model of digital education in Pakistan and that, if success was achieved, the same model would be applied to over 400 schools in Islamabad.

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