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GOHO Rooms: Transforming the Hospitality Industry in Pakistan

With the aim of transforming the hospitality industry in Pakistan, GOHO Rooms is partnering with existing hotels to digitize hotel operations – making them more accessible. With over 500 rooms in Pakistan already, they are planning to operate around 2,500 rooms by the end of 2023.
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GOHO Rooms is the only tech-operated hospitality brand and it is expanding its footprint in Pakistan. Famous companies like Dubai-based Tricap Investment and Pakistan’s Genesis Holding are sponsoring GOHO Rooms.

GOHO has more than five hundred rooms in the major cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Hyderabad. Furthermore, they aim to operate two thousand and five hundred rooms by the end of 2023.

After raising funds, the company now plans to digitize the hotel operations in the hospitality industry in Pakistan. They aim to accelerate the hospitality sector by introducing management systems and creating a network of hotels. The network produces extensive sales that will cause an increase in buyers.

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However, their focus is not only to expand sales but to make it more affordable and accessible. Therefore, customer services will also expand along with hotel management systems, focusing on customer experience. 

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GOHO Rooms aims to improve the core amenities. They promise to provide clean rooms, fresh white linen beddings, and complimentary travel kits. They also aim to provide staff training in services and hotel management in order to improve customer service.

The main goal is to digitize hotel networking and have a digital portal for hotels to operate. The portal has a user-friendly interface through which customers perform a range of activities from booking rooms to filing complaints or even ordering room service.

The CEO of GOHO Rooms, Ali Bin Masood, stated, “We would like to revolutionize the hospitality industry of Pakistan. We want people to explore Pakistan by providing them accommodation with standardized services at an affordable price. We want to play a role in bringing sustainability to the hotel industry of Pakistan while providing the customers with more for their buck.”

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