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Pakistan Railways Gets 46 Modern Coaches from China

Pakistan Railways has received a shipment of 46 high-speed modern coaches from China, paving the way for the country’s population to have access to cutting-edge transportation. Pakistan Railways will also begin to manufacture 184 coaches in collaboration with Chinese engineers as part of the 230-coach purchase contract’s technology-transfer provision.
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A year ago, in November 2021, the federal government signed an agreement with China Railway Construction Corporation Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company for the provision of 230 high-speed coaches for Pakistan Railways to upgrade and improve long-distance passenger services in the nation.

Under this $140 million deal, the Chinese Company is meant to manufacture 230 state-of-the-art coa­ches of which 46 have been manufactured and already transported to Pakistan.

In another contract, a Chinese firm is supposed to manufacture 800 freight wagons and 20 brake wagons (a total of 820). Similarly, Pakistan Railways would also soon receive several shipments of 200 modern goods/freight wagons from China.

Following the receipt of these wagons, Pakistan Railways will begin producing 620 wagons with comparable designs at its workshop in Mughal Pura and the carriage factory in Risalpur under the technology-transfer portion of the contract. This will be a huge benefit for the railway industry of Pakistan.

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