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Paradigm Shift’s Magazine: January 2023 Edition

Introducing the January 2023 edition of our magazine—15 pieces, infographic on the most gold reserves by country, advertising opportunities with us, and our social media links.
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Welcome to the January 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine.

The magazine does not intend to follow a determined theme, but rather features a curated list of pieces that center around the latest news and developments in Pakistan and abroad.

The January 2023 edition includes 15 pieces in total.

Submissions 2023

The ten articles in our magazine explore Pakistan’s economic crisis, the future of petrodollar, the amazing ‘ChatGPT’, modernism in IR, the severance of diplomatic ties between Algeria and Morocco, the Taliban regime’s new restrictions on women, Pakistan’s historical opposition to Israel, Israel’s begin doctrine and water technology, and the reasons why Pakistan continues to refuse to become a signatory to the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).

If you’re into analytical papers, then this edition has two research papers for you: Brain Drain: Exploring China’s Strategic Partnership with Iran and Hindutva: Turning Secular India into a Hindu State.

Which country has the most gold reserves? You can find that out in our infographic!

You’ll also find reviews of two books on Russia’s reality and US’s hegemony. Last but not the least, we have one very important and relevant opinion piece on whether Pakistan will default.

The magazine also contains links to our social media handles, so all you need to do to follow us is click on the icons! Also, if you’re looking to advertise your business, look no further because we have you covered on that front.

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For feedback or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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