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What Transpired in the SCO Meeting in Tashkent?

Written by Amna Walistan 6:07 pm

At the end of July, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Council of Foreign Ministers held a two-day meeting in Uzbekistan’s capital – Tashkent. The foreign ministers of the member states deliberated on matters of regional and global security, cooperation, and SCO’s membership. Amna Walistan notes that the conference provided Pakistan, represented by FM Bilawal Zardari, the opportunity to participate in the discussion of several issues, including the economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.
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Bringing Stability to the Pakistani Rupee

Written by Myra Imran Rafiq 11:47 am

This opinion-based article by Myra Imran Rafiq discusses the rupee’s stabilization against the dollar. She highlights the measures (i.e supporting startups, diversified alliances, currency swap agreements, and the maintenance of political consensus) that can be taken by the state to ensure that the rupee doesn’t end up devaluing later.
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Pakistan’s Performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

Written by Amna Asif 12:21 pm

With a total of 8 medals, including 2 gold, the 2022 Commonwealth Games was a relatively successful sporting event for Pakistan. The indomitable spirit of the 68 Pakistani athletes was reflected both in their winning and losing matches across 12 sports. Pakistan’s glorious victories in weightlifting, athletics, judo, and wrestling exceeded expectations and uplifted the people of the nation.
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Why Flooding in Balochistan Is a Climate & National Security Issue

Written by Hafiz Bilal Waseem Satti 11:47 am

Hafiz Bilal Waseem Satti links the flooding in Balochistan to the national security of Pakistan, calling it a “threat multiplier.” He argues that the floods in the province, on top of the political and economic turmoil, have aggravated the grievances held by the Baloch community. He asserts that the government has done nothing to improve Balochistan’s condition and that the floods will impact the country’s economy.
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The India-US Nuclear Deal & Its Implications for Pakistan

Written by Huda Raza and Sher Ali Shahid 11:48 am

In its quest to contain the Chinese influence by supporting India, the US has compelled Pakistan to seek an alliance with Russia and China. Huda Raza and Sher Ali Shahid analyze the Indo-US strategic partnership, particularly in the realm of nuclear technology, and its impact on the balance of power in South Asia. The authors note that the India-US nuclear deal represents a shift in the US foreign policy from Pakistan to India. Although the two parties claim that the deal is for peaceful purposes, it poses a threat to the stability of South Asia and elevates Pakistan’s security dilemma.
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The Myth of Secularism

Written by Mir Adnan Aziz 6:51 pm

While President Erdogan’s decision to change Hagia Sophia to a mosque has been criticised for being religiously motivated, one must also take note of the West’s use of religion in various political endeavours. Mir Adnan Aziz reveals that even in the most ‘secular’ Western democracies, several major decisions (such as the Iraq war) were based on the religious beliefs of those in power.
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Pegasus Spyware: A Case of National Security & Modern Warfare

Written by Hamna Binte Waqar 6:00 pm

Hamna Binte Waqar examines the change in the cyber security realm with the advent of the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. After targeting several countries, governments, and individuals, the software has created an uproar in international politics and media. It is now seen as a threat to the national security of states and as an unconventional weapon capable of extracting private information and generating propaganda. While Pegasus has faced continuous backlash, the need to adapt to the transition in the modes of warfare has slowly made it a sought-after weapon in the contemporary security market.
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The Untouchables of Pakistan

Written by Mir Adnan Aziz 7:12 pm

In a nation that had been lulled into political apathy, Imran Khan awakened the masses & brought their attention to the widespread corruption, institutional conflicts, & economic distress in Pakistan. Given the public’s unyielding support, Mir Adnan Aziz considers Imran Khan to be an important piece in the political chessboard of the country.
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Period Poverty and Its Impact on Women

Written by Meerab Malik 12:40 pm

Meerab Malik discusses the struggle many low-income women and girls face while trying to afford menstrual products. She uses data from primary and secondary sources to try and understand the consequences of this ‘period poverty’ in their daily lives.
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Punjab By-elections, Article 63A & the Supreme Court

Written by Hassan Saeed Khan 6:48 pm

PTI won the by-elections in Punjab — but what really happened behind the scenes is a different matter. Hassan Saeed Khan reports how the judiciary’s varying interpretations of Article 63A have blurred the lines between the roles of each institution. These contradictory rulings have the potential to cause massive political turmoil.
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Is Pakistan Becoming Another Sri Lanka?

Written by Hasnain Haikal Memon 12:09 pm

Hasnain Haikal Memon compares the crisis in Sri Lanka with that of Pakistan. For him, the answer to whether or not Pakistan will become another Sri Lanka is not a simple “yes” or “no”. He argues that the two South Asian states are facing similar problems – inflation, currency devaluation, external debt, political instability – and if these issues persist, Pakistan might transform into a crisis state. However, even then, there’s a possibility that, unlike Sri Lanka, Pakistan might not descend into chaos.
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Using Religion to Ensure Women’s Rights in Pakistan: A Necessity

Written by Mareeha Ahmad 12:16 pm

Women’s rights, which are a key facet of Islam, are increasingly being viewed through a more ‘secular’ lens in Pakistan. The tension that now exists around this cause has caused multiple riots in the name of protecting ‘nationalist’ values. Mareeha Ahmad uses a qualitative approach and proposes the idea of using Islamic frameworks to help the progression of women’s rights in Pakistan.
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The Suspension of Ehsaas & Other Welfare Initiatives

Written by Summaiyya Qureshi 11:49 am

During his term as the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan introduced numerous welfare projects. The Ehsaas program, in particular, has been a source of salvation for many Pakistanis. Summaiyya Qureshi notes that since the PDM government has assumed power, PTI-led projects like Panagah, the Ehsaas Langar program, Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar housing scheme, and the Miyawaki forest project have been suspended. Given the situation in Pakistan, the suspension of these projects has dire consequences for the state’s lower class.
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GOHO Rooms: Transforming the Hospitality Industry in Pakistan

Written by Paradigm Shift 6:12 pm

With the aim of transforming the hospitality industry in Pakistan, GOHO Rooms is partnering with existing hotels to digitize hotel operations – making them more accessible. With over 500 rooms in Pakistan already, they are planning to operate around 2,500 rooms by the end of 2023.
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India’s G20 Presidency: 2023 Summit in Jammu & Kashmir

Written by Huda Raza 12:14 pm

The G20 is a strategic platform connecting the world’s major economies, with annual summits being hosted by one of the G20 member states. India will be hosting the G20 summit for the first time in 2023. Needless to say, some of the meetings are expected to be held in the Indian Administered Jammu & Kashmir. Huda Raza believes that this move disregards the sanctity of the internationally recognised disputed status of the territory.
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Legal Debate over the Ocean Mall Incident

Written by Wasif Hassan 12:00 pm

In this article, Wasif Hassan provides a legal analysis of the incident at Ocean Mall where a boy lost his foot after it was stuck in the escalator. He discusses the possible legal implications and the potential for this case to develop the law of torts in Pakistan.
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Roots Millennials Qualify for the 2022 World Scholar’s Cup

Written by Paradigm Shift 5:33 pm

Four students from the Roots Millennium Education System recently qualified for the global round of the 2022 World Scholar’s Cup, an international competition that will be held at Yale University later this year. The students first qualified in the regional round in Karachi, and then in the global round in Dubai.
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