Pakistan Unveiled

The “Pakistan Unveiled” section showcases Pakistan’s immense history, culture, and everything in between! It is a way to highlight Pakistan in a positive but factual manner.

The Wondrous Mandirs of Pakistan

Written by Muhammad Abdullah 11:47 am

The land of Pakistan holds some of the most sacred Hindu temples. The author, Muhammad Abdullah, reports the holy mandirs and the remarkable legends surrounding them. Discover, as legend would have it, how Sati’s head created the Hinglaj Mata Mandir, or how the Hindu God, Lord Krishna, foresaw the partition at the Kalyan Das Temple circa 1946.
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The Potential of Farming Olives in Pakistan

Written by Zuha Tiwana 11:47 am

Pakistan, an agricultural state with several types of soil, ecological zones, and climatic conditions, has enormous potential for olive cultivation. Pakistan’s cultivable land for olives is far more than that of Spain’s, yet, it has failed to fully utilize the available resources. The author, Zuha Tiwana, notes that since the 1950s, the state has launched several projects – some with the collaboration of the Italian government – to enhance Pakistan’s olive cultivation and the manufacturing of its olive products. She argues that if Pakistan wants to enter the neighboring market for these commodities, China is its most feasible option.
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Group Captain Saiful Azam and Air Commodore Sattar Alvi: A Tale of Two Shaheens

Written by Damiya Saghir 11:47 am

The author, Damiya Saghir, uncovers two heroic figures in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and their celebrated accomplishments. Introducing Group captain Saiful Azam and Air Commodore Sattar Alvi – two daring and wonderful air fighters.
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The Himalayan Salt of the Khewra Mine: A Wonder of the World

Written by Aleena Imran 11:47 am

Pakistan is home to the second-largest salt mine in the world. An increasingly popular tourist destination, the Khewra Salt Mine is a sight to behold! The mine was chanced on by horses of the army of Alexander the Great. The author encourages visitors to purchase exquisite salt lamps and decorative items.
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The Graveyard of Makli: An Exuberant Necropolis

Written by Aleena Imran 11:47 am

Have you ever seen a magnificent graveyard? If you haven’t, there’s one in Pakistan – the Makli Necropolis. UNESCO even granted the site world heritage status. With architecture spanning four dynasties, Makli’s monuments and tombs portray a union of religion, culture, spirituality, and beauty.
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The Untapped Potential of Tourism in Pakistan

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 11:47 am

From natural to cultural attractions, Pakistan’s tourism industry holds limitless untapped potential. Even as international travel journals & bloggers play an impactful role in attracting attention to the country’s vast scenic landscapes, substantial national investment in the sector can lead to great economic and social benefits for the country.
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Pakistan’s Team Foxtrot Eyes Victory in the UAS Challenge 2021

Written by Muhammad Zaid Alvi 7:11 pm

The members of Team Foxtrot are engineers from the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI), one of Pakistan’s most prestigious universities. Team Foxtrot competes again this year in the international UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Challenge by IMechE. Having won the 2019 Highest New Entrant Award in their first year, this time they have their eyes set on first place – and in doing so, making Pakistan proud.
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Holy Places of Sikhism: The Guru Nanak’s Gift to Pakistan

Written by Sarmad Ishfaq 6:47 pm

The legacy of the founder of the Sikh faith, Guru Nanak, can be felt throughout the subcontinent. Pakistan, in particular, is blessed with some of the most spiritually significant places for Sikhs. The Guru’s birthplace, his iconic handprint, the place where he miraculously made a spring appear, as well as where he passed on are all present in Pakistan. Thousands of Sikhs come from India to perform pilgrimage to these sites and since the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor, many more will join them.
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