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Nearing the Edge | World War III is Almost Here

As global tensions continue to rise, the threat of a third world war looms large. The Doomsday Clock, a symbol of the world’s proximity to catastrophe, is closer to midnight than ever before. This video dives deep into the escalating tensions across the globe.
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With rising tensions worldwide, fears of World War 3 loom. The Doomsday Clock is closest to midnight in history. US-China-Russia rivalry, Ukraine conflict, Indo-Pacific tensions, Israel-Hamas war, Korean Peninsula, and African chaos point to a potential global catastrophe.

This video dives deep into the escalating tensions across the globe, exploring the anxieties of analysts and political figures about a potential World War 3. Intensifying rivalries between the US, China, and Russia threaten the current world order, raising the stakes in geopolitical conflicts. We explore the Ukraine-Russia War, the Indo-Pacific Tensions, and the Israel-Hamas conflict, examining how these regional issues hold the potential to spiral out of control.

Prudent diplomacy is needed to avoid disaster. This video is a must-watch for anyone concerned about the future of our world. We explore diplomatic failures and the urgent need for astute leadership to prevent a catastrophic global war.

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