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Destabilizing QUAD: One Member at a Time

Written by Dr. Kankana Debnath 11:48 am

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD), an alliance between the US, India, Australia, and Japan, reemerged in the international arena in 2017 as an effort to keep China in check in the Indo-Pacific region. The common interest of countering China bounds these states together but according to the author, Dr. Kankana Debnath, the visit of the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers to New Delhi has threatened the internal dynamics of QUAD.
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India and the US: A History of Strained Relations

Written by Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Khan 11:47 am

Ever since it gained independence in 1947, the Republic of India has had strained ties with the United States, a trend that continues today. Despite instances of co-operation on issues like international counter-terrorism, trade, and economic development, the two largest democracies in the world have often diverged on questions of strategic importance, a divergence that has been exacerbated and brought into the spotlight by the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is now continuing into its second month.
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How Modi’s Neutrality Could Affect India-Russia & India-Ukraine Relations

Written by Syed Haris Shah and Muhammad Shahkar Ijaz Khan 11:49 am

India has strong diplomatic, economic, and military ties with Russia and Ukraine. Keeping this in mind, Syed Haris Shah and M. Shahkar Ijaz Khan explain the cause of India’s neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine war. They argue that the impartiality of New Delhi has both opportunities and challenges for the republic in the future. Moreover, if India openly condemns the Russian aggression in Ukraine, India-Russia relations will suffer a huge blow.
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Addition of J-10C Fighter Jets in Pakistan Air Force

Written by Syed Haris Shah 12:30 pm

The signs of China and Pakistan’s defense and military cooperation has strengthened after the induction of the multi-role fighter aircraft by the Pakistan Air Force. The author, Syed Haris Shah, believes that the introduction of the J-10C aircraft made by one of China’s leading military and aviation companies, the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, is an important measure taken by Pakistan’s security and political leadership to deal with potential security threats to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
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The China-India Rivalry in Maldives Explained

Written by Zahra Michelle Khan 11:48 am

The strategic location of the Maldives, particularly its proximity to the straits of Malacca and Hormuz and the Gulf of Aden, has drawn the attention of India and China. While China and India are competing with each other to exert their influence on the Maldives, the island state is fully benefitting from its cordial relations with the rival states. Though the China-India competition has serious implications for the stability of South Asia, the author, Zahra Michelle Khan, argues that the Maldives also presents opportunities for cooperation between the two states.
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Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: A Reappraisal by Author Shahid Amin (Book Review)

Written by Yasir Wazir 11:48 am

The book “Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: A Reappraisal” by Shahid Amin provides a comprehensive analysis of the state’s foreign policy throughout the years while keeping in mind the relations between Pakistan and India. The book explains, in great detail, how the perception of an “Indian threat” has influenced Pakistan’s decision-making. Apart from the India-Pakistan relations, Mr. Shahid Amin also elaborates on Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan after the 1979 Soviet invasion, and its relations with the Muslim countries and China.
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The Strategic Importance of the Indian Ocean to China and India

Written by Allah Nawaz 12:48 pm

The changing dynamics of global politics has pushed the Indian Ocean region into the limelight, and so the author, Allah Nawaz, examines the strategic policies and alliances of China and India. Although both China and India have a huge disparity in conventional and non-conventional capabilities, the US and Israel’s role in making India a regional power has intensified Indo-China relations.
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A Tug of War Between America and the Rising Powers

Written by Ali Raza Jalbani 12:05 pm

A unipolar world is transitioning into that of a multipolar, stirring the debate on the decline of the US once again. China, India, and Russia — the major contenders — are challenging the US’s sole authority. The author, Ali Raza Jalbani, follows the debates closely and shares what he’s noticed about the shifting — or sharing — of power in the global arena.
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Analyzing Pakistan’s Second Strike Capability: Pakistan’s Babur 3 vs India’s INS Arihant

Written by Rauf Khalid 11:47 am

The nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan has led to both states attaining a second strike capability. To be capable of a second strike, India has developed a nuclear-powered submarine equipped with ballistic missiles (SSBN) – the INS Arihant. In response, Pakistan introduced the Babur 3 missile, which is a submarine-launched cruise missile, and declared its second strike capability. While analyzing the credibility of the second strikes of India and Pakistan, the author, Rauf Khalid, notes that there is an asymmetry between them.
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From Persecution to Open Calls for Muslim Genocide in India

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui 12:01 pm

Is India’s democracy buckling under the weight of its endless anti-Muslim hate speech? Gandhi really did not wish for his beloved state to become what it is now — a secular state that inspires antipathy to its Muslim citizens. Hindutva or Hindu nationalism has recently sparked calls for Muslim genocide, distancing the notion of democracy in India.
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The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): Strategic Interests & Economic Recovery

Written by Saira Javaid Cheema 11:58 am

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a free trade deal and has a total of 15 member states from the ASEAN, East Asia, and Oceania. It is considered to be the world’s largest trade bloc with respect to the combined GDP of the member states. The author, Saira Javaid Cheema, discusses both the opportunities and threats that the RCEP holds for member states and non-member states.
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President Biden’s Summit for Democracy 2021: A Big Question Mark?

Written by Ayesha Zafar 7:40 pm

President Biden of the US will host a two-day Summit for Democracy this week to cast an eye over the current status of democracy in the world. Much like the author, many feel this summit to be an affront to the US’s ‘undemocratic’ rivals, China and Russia — two nations that were struck off the invite list.
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The Media’s Role in Society: Impartial Reporting or Circulating Fake News?

Written by Muhammad Hamza Sharif 11:47 am

Internationally, the media has played a significant role in spreading misinformation, fake news, and shaping the public’s opinion to serve a specific interest. The author, Muhammad Hamza Sharif, notes that while the media has helped raise awareness about certain matters, like the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also been the leading actor in bolstering fifth-generation warfare. He explains that since a large population of the world relies on social media for news, it is the most appropriate tool for propagating fake news. Given that Pakistan has 183 million active smartphones, misinformation through messaging applications such as WhatsApp spreads like wildfire. The author provides a few suggestions to counter this misinformation and to help strengthen Pakistan’s media.
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The Quantum Technologies Race Between the US & China

Written by Abdullah Rehman Butt 11:47 am

In the civil and military domains, quantum technologies have presented new and efficient ways for weapons modernization, improved cybersecurity and defense systems, advanced machine learning, enhanced weather forecasting, and novel vaccine development, etc. The author, Abdullah Rehman Butt, notes that the investment – by states and companies – in the research and development of these technologies has increased significantly due to their immense potential. He explains that the US and China, in particular, are spending billions for quantum research and are engaged in a race to achieve quantum supremacy. On the other hand, in South Asia, India’s growing interest in utilizing quantum technologies for military purposes is threatening the stability of the region.
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The Unrelenting Indian Separatist Movements: From Khalistan to Nagaland

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 11:48 am

Today, India is facing several secessionist movements which represent the territorial, ethnic, and humanitarian issues within the state. The author, Muhammad Hamza Tanvir, notes that for decades, separatists in Nagaland, Manipur, Kashmir, Haryana, Arunachal Pradesh, and the Indian Punjab, have been demanding freedom from India. While some of these movements have been mitigated over the years, the mere existence of the secessionist element provides fault lines to China against the US ally. More often than not, India has used force to suppress these movements. In the case of Kashmir and Khalistan, in particular, India has committed grave human rights violations and killed thousands.
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Is the Global Economy Still Collapsing Due to the Pandemic?

Written by Ayesha Zafar 11:46 am

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has left no part of the world unharmed. Aside from its devastating impact on human life, COVID-19 has severely damaged the global economy. The author notes that the collapsing global economy has increased unemployment, food insecurity, and poverty, and threatened international trade and tourism. Due to the pandemic, the oil demand has reduced by 30% and the oil prices have reached an all-time low, causing the oil-producing states to suffer a 50-85% loss in oil revenues. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), this collapse is likely to cost the world economy $5.8 to $8.8 trillion. The author explains that for the recovery of the global economy, international organizations and varying countries (i.e. the US, China, Japan, and Pakistan) have introduced several initiatives and stimulus packages. However, for these measures to be successful, international cooperation is necessary.
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The Border Dispute Between China and India: An Uncompromising Standoff

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 11:47 am

The author, Muhammad Hamza Tanvir, discusses the escalating border conflicts between India and China. Alongside highlighting the history of the conflict, he showcases how the Indian media has reported new confrontations between India and China over the area of Arunachal Pradesh, and how this is heightening tensions between the two countries again.
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